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Explore our ways to make Education Outside the Classroom a real thing across Europe. 

The Hub

The OTTER Hub serves to connect experts in diverse fields. We aim to bring together educators, scientists and creatives to co-design new Education Outside the Classroom experiences.

Our partners in Hungary, Finland, Ireland and Spain will organise monthly meetings with the Hub members to gather experiences, best practices and their Education Outside the Classroom know-how, as well as challenges, questions and methodologies.


OTTER’s online and international EOC Forum also provides contributors and stakeholders from all countries to discuss ideas, co-create innovative methodologies, and share questions and challenges.


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Learning Platform

Material and guidelines educators

Together with the Spanish, Finnish, Irish and Hungarian hub members, we’re developing toolkits, guidelines and materials you can use when implementing Education Outside the Classroom activities.
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The Labs

Developing EOC activities in primary and secondary school

After forming the Hubs, and creating the Platform, now it’s time to implement the knowledge learnt and see its impact on the Labs.

The Labs will be run in Hungary, Ireland, Spain and  Finland. They are represented by some classes in primary and secondary schools. These classes will take part in a special ‘OTTER’ programme that will include activities such as a beach clean, a museum visit, an upcycling workshop and much more. 

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Spotlight on plastic recycling

On our interactive and entertaining platform you will learn how our actions can help us live in a greener world. Stay tuned to know more!

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