Developing EOC activities
in Finland, Hungary, Ireland and Spain in primary and secondary school.

After forming the Hubs, and creating the Platform, now it’s time to implement the knowledge learnt and see its impact on the Labs.

The Labs will be run in Hungary, Ireland, Spain and Finland. They are represented by some classes in primary and secondary schools. These classes will take part in a special ‘OTTER’ programme that will include activities such as a beach clean, a museum visit, an upcycling workshop and much more.


Spain Finland Hungary Ireland

Age group
9-11, 16-18

Age group
9-11, 12-15

Age group
6-8, 12-15

Age group
6-8, 16-18


The Purpose

With the Labs we can measure and evaluate key findings, meaning we can address country-specific challenges and directly learn from four different education systems.


The Structure

The Labs programme will be structured in four parts, and this will be mirrored in the length of the programme: four days.

Day 1

Observe & Inquire

During this first day students will be exposed to a topic related to sustainability and linked to their academic curriculum.

Day 2


Students will visit companies, factories, or NGOs that deal with sustainability and plastic waste. By the end of the day, they will work in groups on the issue discussed, and present their solutions to a jury of teachers, local experts and even students. 

Day 3


Students will get involved in local activities to reduce plastic waste and learn the advantages of living in a clean and less polluted environment.

Day 4


The last day is dedicated to thinking about the previous days. Open sessions and debates will prompt students’ critical thinking and their role within a circular economy.