Let's change the face of education together

From education to concrete action - this is what we plan to achieve through OTTER.

We are continuously searching for the best tools and practices to engage pupils and make them more aware of the choices they make and how these can have an impact  on the world around them. For this purpose, we are using Education Outside the Classroom, a highly effective methodology to teach scientific topics to students in an interactive, more applied way. 

And we want you to get involved, too! This is why we invite you to join the OTTER Hub, a space for us to exchange ideas and good practices and shape the future of Education Outside the Classroom together! 

But what can you find in our Hub? Let's see... 

  • A forum where contributors can discuss their ideas, co-create innovative methodologies, and search for answers to their questions
  • A training designed to familiarise teachers with the Education Outside the Classroom methods
  • A toolkit with methods, pedagogies, and activities for educators outside the classroom
  • A community of dedicated, experienced teachers and professionals that can help you take your classes to the next level

Get involved and take part in our activities alongside Education Outside the Classroom experts from Finland, Spain, Ireland, Hungary, and more! 

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