OTTER Labs: Spain - Institut Moisès Broggi

A petition to protect the biodiversity of the Besòs river in Catalonia: a direct result of our OTTER Labs in Spain 

In our work, we found out (if we needed any reassuring) that learning by practice is much more effective and engaging than simply memorising notions from a book or copying information from the blackboard. This is why we are such huge advocates of Education Outside the Classroom: because we've seen its benefits, we've seen students' eyes spark when discussing otherwise complex subjects, we've noticed how much quicker they absorb the notions when the teaching happens in nature, or in a science centre, or at the zoo, to give a few examples. 

The OTTER Labs in Spain proved to us how different the learning experience can be for students outside the four walls of the classroom. With the students of Institut Moisès Broggi, we went to the river Besòs that goes through Barcelona and investigated the physio-chemical and biological parametres of the water. Through collecting samples, the students were trying to assess the state of the river. The main conclusions, which were later discussed during a one-hour class, were all pointing to the same thing: that the water was very unhealthy and urgent action needed to be taken to improve the quality and eliminate the causes of the problems (mainly: plastics). 

But as well know, simply identifying the problem is not enough. The students were encouraged to think of solutions that could improve this situation. So what did they do? They reached out to the local authorities with a petition to allocate the necessary resources in cleaning the river and improving it. And to have a even bigger impact, they collected signatures through, which they promoted with the help of bookmarks. Each bookmark would include a QR code that was linked to the online campaign - they would be further distributed among their schoolmates and in their neighbourhoods. 

We couldn't be prouder of these students for going the extra-mile to protect their surroundings and we are absolutely sure that in their hands, the world will be a better place. 



OTTER Labs: Spain - Institut Moisès Broggi