Upcoming OTTER Hub webinar

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We invite you to join another one of our OTTER Hub activities: this time, a webinar facilitated by our Finnish partner, Learning Scoop, and conducted by Finnish teacher Kaisa Tuomarla, an expert on education with 20 years of experience in teaching. In her webinar, she will give an introduction to teaching outdoors, explaining how it benefits the students' motivation and interest. At the same time, she will also discuss about the ways in which art fosters creativity and problem-solving and why it is such a crucial component of STEAM education. The webinar will provide you with practical tips & insights from real-life outdoor and art exercise in Finland, so you can get inspire and take these lessons with you in your own school. 

The webinar will take place on Thursday, 27 April, at 5 PM (CET). 

How can you join? 

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Upcoming OTTER Hub webinar