OTTER partners up with PAFSE

OTTER and PAFSE (Partnerships for Science Education) are both projects related to science education and have many common threads to explore when it comes to boosting students’ awareness of the impact of plastic use!  

PAFSE is a science education project which addresses the challenges of public health. The project engages schools, universities, enterprises and non-formal education providers in building science clusters that boost young people’s awareness of public health challenges, protective factors and patterns of risky behaviour, and the role they can play in their community readiness and preparedness for hazards. PAFSE will strength populations’ literacy and mitigate risks, having students playing a central role, as public health ambassadors, early adopters and spreaders of scientific knowledge. PAFSE will involve more than 3000 students and their families in the project activities, being the outcomes disseminated to more than 1000 schools. 

PAFSE has recently developed an educational scenario on the topic “sustainable development goals” that increases students’ knowledge about the environmental determinants of health. This scenario comprises a inquiry-based project that prepares the school for addressing the Sustainability Agenda 2030, with a particular focus on health and well-being (SDG 3) and most related SDGs (1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15). 

Raising students’ awareness about the impact of plastic use and relevance of recycling initiatives is highly connected with public health…. So there is a clear space for cooperating and creating synergies between PAFSE and OTTER!  

At the start of next year, our projects will define the synergies to be created – these could joint communication, dissemination, or exploitation activities: raising awareness through campaigns, sharing research, promoting our projects and findings, or more!  


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Photo: Modified from Artem Podrez

OTTER partners up with PAFSE