A new collaboration was born! This month OTTER met with its sister-project Surrounded by Science (SbS), with whom we found many ways of collaborating together. But before getting there, let us tell you what SbS is about.

Surrounded by Science project brings together experts in science education research, science centres and museum educators, providers of outreach and informal learning activities, strong user communities and policymakers in Europe to design and develop a methodology that analyses the impact of specific out-of-school science activities.

SbS will propose a roadmap to take into account the variety of out-of-school science activities, built on a six-strand model of Science Proficiency that we are looking forward to seeing!

Since we have so many crossed paths, we agreed on working together in three main ways:

  1. Co-dissemination efforts: for example, by sharing relevant information through each other’s social media channels, by having them as guest bloggers and vice versa, by promoting to each project’s audiences the other project.
  1. Organizing joint-activities: having joint social media campaigns, organizing physical and/or online workshops on a relevant topic for both projects, organizing physical and/or online panel discussions, having joint presentations on a relevant conferences / event.
  1. Exploitation actions: Working on a special issue on the outcomes and legacy of both projects.

So await for many joint activities in the future! In the meantime, welcome Surrounded by Science team into the OTTER space!