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Pursued synergies among STEAM-related EU-funded projects

The SMILE - OTTER - EcoSTEAM example and how OTTER's final conference has brought together various STEAM initiatives looking to explore open schooling and exchange good practices
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"Beyond the classroom: rethinking STEAM education" conference reunites sister projects, open schooling initiatives, and EOC enthusiasts in Brussels

OTTER presented its final results during the event in the EU capital to an audience including representatives from the European Commission, projects dealing with outside the classroom learning that we've met in the Open Schooling Network, education lovers and students, and discussed the future of Education Outside the Classroom methodology and approaches
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The OTTER Hub held its final event online (31 January 2024)

More than 50 education professionals and enthusiasts joined the discussions on improving the uptake of Education Outside the Classroom methodologies in Europe, exploring the opportunities, obstacles, and most efficient strategies to promote these innovative methods and foster younger generations' interest in STEAM
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"Beyond the classroom: rethinking STEAM education" conference (15 February 2024, Brussels)

Join us, along with partners from the Open Schooling Together network, for a conference exploring pathways to innovate STEAM education through education outside the classroom practices.  

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New OTTER graphic showcasing the possibilities of EOC

From a museum to a botanical garden, aquarium, or science laboratory - the possibilities for Education Outside the Classroom are too many to count -  and our latest infographic demonstrates it!
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Global challenges, local solutions: the role of out-of-school education in addressing the SDG6 (Clean Water and Sanitation)

Education Outside the Classroom can help students grasp the crucial role of water in our day-to-day lives and learn about the ways to preserve its health and address other water issues.

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