Seashore Ecology and Adaptations


Exact duration not specified

Learning objectives:

1. Recognize and identify plants and animals in the seashore environment
2. Establish connections between external appearances and environmental adaptations
3. Observe and analyze the adaptations of seashore organisms to their environment
4. Use technology (e.g., tablets) and didactic tools for scientific exploration

Description of the learning process and objectives:

Assess students' baseline knowledge about seashore ecology before the start of the project. Groups of students engage in seashore activities, including the recognition of plants and animals, linking external appearances to environment/lifestyle/sex, and observing adaptations. Teachers provide lessons at the seashore. The lessons are designed to facilitate scientific exploration, encourage inquiry, and provide necessary background knowledge. Assess students' understanding and knowledge after the completion of the seashore activities.

Resources required:

1. Didactic tools for the groups
2. Live materials for observation
3. Seashore environment
4. Pre- and post-test materials for assessment

Other remarks:

Activity based on the research published in