6 months + 1 month preparation

Learning objectives:

In preschool education all curriculum contents are interconnected and develop simultaneously, holistically: oral language, mathematics, plastic expression, experimental sciences, approaches to writing, values (citizenship, responsibility, respect, etc.). 

Description of the learning process and activities:

Unfortunately, every year there are forest fires in Portugal that destroy flora and fauna. Our school is relatively close to a forest named Parque Porta do Mezio, one of the five gateways to the Peneda Gerês National Park, which contains the beautiful and immense mountains and valleys of Soajo and Peneda. The territory is so magnificent that UNESCO has named it a World Biosphere Reserve. In this context, this work plan is created to raise children’s awareness of the richness of this natural park (its fauna, its biodiversity and all the opportunities it offers) and to learn how they can contribute to its preservation. To properly understand this reality, students will visit two different zones: a natural and conserved forest area and a burnt zone. Thanks to this experience of direct observation, students will be sensitised and motivated to change this reality, being more careful towards nature. The project will be conducted throughout a year, between the school, the national park, the municipality and the parents. 

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