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Did you hear about our new video series?

In OTTER, we are interacting with so many interesting projects, teachers, practitioners and experts that we decided to launch the "5 questions with" video series, where we ask our invited guests 5 questions that address different topics related to Education Outside the Classroom. 
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How can STEAM subjects connect to Education Outside the Classroom practices?

We, at OTTER, are interested in another layer of EOC practices – How EOC can help to teach Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths subjects.
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Places, sites and programmes for EOC activities in OTTER partner countries

As part of the "Education Outside the Classroom (EOC) accreditation in Europe report" (D5.1) carried out by our partner University of Groningen, a map was developed to show the existing places, sites and programs carrying out EOC activities in OTTER's partner countries. 
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Webinar alert: Sustainable Development in Education with EduGems

Check out what our advisory board member Marianne Juntunen and the special guests Karla Soto Diaz and Marjo Vesterinen have to say about teaching kids through outdoor education.
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Let’s talk about plastic! 10+1 ideas to teach about plastic outside of school

Can we imagine life without plastic? Think, for example, grocery bags, packing, prosthetics and medical supplies, or rocket nozzles. Plastic is everywhere, and it comes with a long and renowned history.

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OTTER partners up with PAFSE

OTTER and PAFSE (Partnerships for Science Education) are both projects related to science education and have many common threads to explore when it comes to boosting students’ awareness of the impact of plastic use!  

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