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Ireland's Pilot Activities

Over the past few weeks our Irish teachers from Scoil Íde, Coláiste Nano Nagle and St. Flannans College, have been busy planning Education Outside the Classroom experiences for their students, tackling issues related to the Sustainable Development Goals.
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From “What” to “Why”: Pedagogical foundations and benefits of Education Outside the Classroom

Quality of education and equal access to education are fundamental pillars of our society. To cope with current challenges, such as school dropout, poverty and low proficiency in the 21st century skills, outdoor learning seems to be one of the “newest” solutions…. 

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5 questions with ... Marcia Eugenio Gonzalbo!

Have you heard about Garden-Based Learning? Why is it such a powerful tool for teaching science education? Discover this and more with Professor Marcia Eugenio Gonzalbo from the University of Valladolid, specialized on Didactics of Experimental Sciences, Social Sciences & Mathematics!
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Our first review meeting! Check out the project recap

On March 21st, we reunited with our team and our Project Officer for our first review meeting where we looked at the progress we've made, analysed our results and discussed the strategy for the remaining period. Keep reading to see the project recap!
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Phenomenon-based learning, multidisciplinary study units and Education Outside the Classroom (EOC)

To deal with today's complex challenges, we must enable students to gain a holistic understanding of the world around them - and this is where phenomenon-based learning can make a difference.

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5 questions with Station Europe!

Inspired by the International day on Women and Girls in Science day, we decided to start a series of interviews with interesting people and initiatives called "5 questions with".

Join us in this first episode with Station Europe, an organization focused on giving young generations the power to bring useful ideas and initiatives to life!


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