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The OTTER Hub hosts its final event on 31 January

Join the discussion on how to make Education Outside the Classroom a reality all over Europe, drawing from our experience in the project and the expertise of our three distinguished guests, and share your own experiences, thoughts, and best practices with us

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OTTER partner conducts workshop for future teachers on learning science outside the classroom

Around 50 students who are preparing to become teachers for an international elementary school learned about outside the classroom learning from one of our colleagues
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Innovating European Education: Open Schooling as a Boost for Europe's Skills

A Policy Brief by the Open Schooling Network (that OTTER recently joined) has just been published, outlining the ways to integrate Open Schooling into the existing curriculum 
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Bridging Oceans and Hearts: Otters inspire education for nonhuman life preservation

This text delves into the vital importance of otters in maintaining aquatic ecosystems, highlighting the alarming effects of plastic pollution and the imminent threat to aquatic life. Through this lens, mainly focused on Sustainable Development Goal 14: Life Below Water, this blog post offers ideas for educators who want to approach this topic engagingly in out-of-class settings, emphasising developing empathy for aquatic animals. 
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The OTTERs reunite in Tampere for the General Assembly meeting

Our project team had the unique opportunity to discuss OTTER's progress and strategise for the future in beautiful Finland, while gaining exposure to good EOC practices and tools that fueled our drive to revolutionise education in Europe
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Poster Showcase at ESERA 2023: Firsthand Account from OTTERs

The OTTERs joined the ESERA conference in Cappadocia and presented key findings from our work on Education Outside the Classroom practices


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