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The OTTER Team meets in Budapest

After one year of online collaboration, the OTTER team holds first in-person meeting in Budapest, discussing the project's progress and future milestones (and having a blast!)
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Education Outside the Classroom - The Finnish way!

Finland has a long tradition in Education Outside Classroom (EOC), an approach often characterized by curriculum-based educational activities practiced outside the school buildings, in natural (e.g., a park or forest) or cultural (e.g., a museum or library) settings.
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Why should our kids learn science?

10 reasons why science learning is still powerful in the age of smartphones and Google
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The Principles of Education Outside the Classroom

Discover the key concepts and values that make Education Outside the Classroom a fantastic approach to science learning

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OTTER at the Festival of the New European Bauhaus

Between 9 and 11 June, the OTTERs took part in the Festival of the New European Bauhaus, a celebration of the new creative movement that brings together art, science, culture and technology to create a better Europe under the motto "Beautiful Sustainable Together".
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10 innovative methods and models to make students fall in love with science

Summer came, bringing us the opportunity to vary our learning activities in the middle of nature!  Not only students will be more active and engaged, but they will experience a variety of innovative activities.

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